All Facials are customized to your skin type and include individualized treatments based on your skin concerns. A deep-cleansing treatment & extractions are included in each facial. A home care regimen will also be recommended for optimum results, and to help you meet your skin care goals.Tips on nutrition and organic at home remedies will also be provided to ensure you get the best results!   


Best Value & Best Results!

Ultimate Facial                          

  • Includes deep pore cleanse

  • Steam & extractions

  • Microdermabrasion

  • Superficial peel

  • Microcurrent

  • High frequency

  • Customized masque

  • Neck, shoulder, arm & scalp relaxation.

80-min $220.00

Series of Six - 80 min 1,220.00


All in one treatment! Removes impurities, diminish appearance of acne scars, lift, even out skin tone and stimulate production of collagen. Very relaxing. Customized to each clients needs




  • Includes deep pore cleanse

  • Steam & extractions

  • Derma Treatment

  • Customized masque

  • Includes face & scalp relaxation.

60-min $75.00

Series of Six - 60 min $425.00


Derma-Facial removes peach fuzz and dead skin cells. Skin is left feeling very smooth and clean. Great for those who like their make-up application to look flawless!

Treatments can be added at 50% OFF. View Add ons. Book


V.I.P. Facial                                      

  • Includes deep pore cleanse

  • Steam & extractions

  • Microdermabrasion/peel/enzyme

  • High frequency

  • Customized masque

  • Neck, shoulder, & arms relaxation.

75-min $115.00

Series of Six - 75-min $650.00

Perfect combination of a thorough skin treatment and relaxation. This facial will make you feel refreshed, with smooth skin, diminishing appearance of expression lines while experiencing complete calmness and serenity.  Depending on skin condition one of these skin treatments will be offered: microdermabrasion, chemical or enzyme

Treatments can be added at 50% OFF. View Add ons. Book

Premium Facial                 

  • Includes full face deep pore cleanse

  • Steam & extractions

  • High Frequency

  • Customized masque

  • Includes face & scalp relaxation

45-min $65.00

Series of Six 45-min $360.00

Are you looking to just have a nice relaxed skin care treatment that just focuses on removing impurities? This treatment is for you!

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Teen Facial                       

  • Includes deep pore cleanse

  • Steam & extractions

  • High frequency

  • Customized masque

30- 40 min $45+

Series of Six 30-40 min $250 +

Price can vary depending on the skin condition.



What better way to prevent skin care issues than to bring in your teens for a quick, simple skin care treatment! They will be able to maintain clear skin and best part, gain knowledge of how easy it is to care for their skin.

No massage included. Limited time for advanced skin concerns. Book

Express Deluxe Facial       

  • Includes deep pore cleanse

  • Steam & extractions

  • Enzyme

  • Serums application

  • Moisturizer & Sunscreen

35-min $50

Series of Six 35min $280.00

We know how busy life can get! This is the perfect treatment if you’re crunched on time yet would like a nice thorough skin treatment that focuses on diminishing the appearance of expression lines as well as hyperpigmentation. Remember all skin treatments are customized for you!

No massage or mask included, Limited time for advanced skin concern. Book


Any single, individual non-invasive treatment receives a customized basic facial. Expect the same personalized approached as a thorough cleansing will be done to prepare skin for treatment. After treatment moisturizer for your specific skin type will be applied, followed by sunscreen.

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Mechanical Resurfacing

Mechanical Resurfacing treatments are minimally invasive procedures.  These treatments yield rejuvenated skin that is smoother and firmer than before. These treatments are generally safe for most skin types but are not recommended for clients with a history of keloid scarring, Rosacea or Inflammatory Acne.

Microdermabrasion  $70  30-min     Book    

Derma treatment      $40 30-min     Book


Micro-current is the natural facelift! This treatment helps with fine lines and wrinkles, while firming your skin and defining your features. Improves muscle tone, reduces puffiness, and increases cellular activity. Stimulates collagen and repairs damaged skin. It is like a workout for your face!

Ideal treatment for anyone who wants to reshape skin texture. Anti-aging.

Microcurrent: $60-minutes $120   Book

Some of the listed treatments above can not be performed if client is pregnant, has active cancer, suffers from epilepsy, has cardiac pacemakers, metal implants, or open wound lesions. A review will be done during consultation to ensure client is a good candidate for treatment.